Songbird by Alexandre Charleux

I totally saw Levine tweet this and couldn’t resist, it’s so beautiful

"The Smiths’ 8-Bit Makeover" by Billy the Butcher.

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Bioshock Infinite.

Songbird Plushie now available for pre-order form Irrational Games Store!

Sitting at 7” tall, Songbird has an outstretched wingspan of 14” from tip to tip, and allows you to protect everything from a shelf of books, a BioShock Infinite box, or even your very own tiny Columbian citizen from a perch above. This was concepted by Senior Character Concept Artist, Robb Waters. This Songbird is made from materials that were hand-selected to evoke the era-appropriate textures and fabric.

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Grand Theft Auto V. Nervous Ron, Lamar and Jimmy Character Art.

guys Anthony PIZZA.

guys Anthony PIZZA.

(via terrestrialblog)

i occasionally like to improve my followers days by 1000%

i occasionally like to improve my followers days by 1000%

(via terrestrialblog)

Dragon’s Crown.