The Cave.

Ron Gilbert, Double Fine and SEGA announce; The Cave.

Ron Gilbert’s new brain child, or more fondly, brain baby, has emerged with some fantastic concept art of the characters as well as an announcement trailer.

The plot of Gilbert’s new game will focus around three of the seven adventurers you choose at the start of the game, and will remain with you throughout. Your adventure will be influenced by the various abilities and motives of the characters you choose. Ron Gilbert has vaguely and cleverly stated; “Each adventurer is looking for something…(in the cave)”

The Cave will be a side-scrolling adventure game, with point and click adventure elements, in the same vein as an amalgam of “Maniac Mansion” style puzzles, along with a fully traverseable world, with each character sporting unique play-styles and abilities, as well as their own vision of what The Cave is, and, what it potentially holds for each of them.

Do note, The Cave is an original title by Gilbert and Double Fine, and is not the kickstarter adventure game which has yet to be revealed. (except in part to the wonderful backers of the project). The distinction, however, is a fantastic thing, as we will see two hearty game releases from Tim Schaffer, Ron Gilbert and the team at Double Fine over the next year or so.

The characters, or ‘adventurers’, shown above are; “The Hillbilly, The Monk, The Knight, The Twins, The Scientist, The Adventurer and the Time Traveler.

The Cave is set for release in early 2013.

Announcement Trailer.

Double Fine.

Grumpy Gamer.

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