so is it just me,

or does Andrew Ryan of The City of Rapture (Bioshock) look alot like Django Reinhardt (Musician)?

and Walt Disney (Walt Disney) and Vincent Price (Actor)?

Coincidentally, or not perhaps, Django is the guy who does all those cool variations on classic ragtime/50/60s era songs which feature in Bioshock. (you can hear one of them here)

That’s also him in the picture labeled with his name. lol.

and so I think the likeness is uncanny. And the inspiration is sort of self contained within rapture itself, in a way. I like that… If there is any fact to the match up… Wouldn’t it be fantastic?


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    This isn’t relevant to Bioshock , but as I was reading the Hunger Games series I pictured President Snow looking like...
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    I knew it! Walt Disney is Andrew Ryan!!!
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    I love that the OP has “Walt Disney (Walt Disney)”. That made me laugh harder than I should have. P.S. VINCENT...
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    holy shit
  10. maverek answered: He also looks like the author John Steinbeck. If you’ve ever been to Monterey Bay, he even has a bronze bust by the coast. o_O
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  12. anactualsalamander answered: LMAO I always thought he looked like Mr.Disney. Always.
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    He also looks like John Steinbeck.
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    Oh Vincent Price….if only you were still alive
  16. snidgets-and-lilies answered: I was thinking Clark Gable kind of looked like Andrew Ryan in some of his pictures as well.
  17. ghostvomit answered: Also, Andrew Ryan looks like Walt Disney, and Sander Cohen looks like Dali, those two were good friends
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  22. vikivanity answered: :P
  23. surfdog2000 answered: it’s just a guy with short hair and a mustache, lots of dudes looked like that back then
  24. monocoleporter answered: It’s gotta be the ‘staches. But I agree.
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