What should I write on my shopping list?

While playing Boishock Infinite (no spoilers) so much over the last couple of days, so much so that I have achieved the “Elite” rank on Raptr (lol), I have run out of food and have quite literally only Chocolate Ice Cream as an edible food source.

I must go to the shopping. What should be on my list?

Posted on Thursday 28th March 2013 with 19 notes
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  1. agenttim5o answered: Bacon, Nutella, bread, Nilla Wafers, KitKats, Dr. Pepper, Mtn. Dew. Life=complete
  2. kiersi answered: Probably potato chips. To get through all that game playing.
  3. i-am-not-one answered: more chocolate stuff
  4. escortcube answered: Smoked salmon, sour cream, chives and bread.
  5. enterprising-gentleman answered: Edible food sources, for one thing. Procuring the ingredients to make a variety of sandwiches is a particularly elegant solution.
  6. experiencinghumanity answered: Zucchini, eggs, bell peppers, black pepper, chorizo and condiments of your choice. There’s so much out there, though. SO MUCH. Good luck!
  7. goodbye-badhello answered: chocolate croissants and raviolis
  8. triplespookster answered: things to make sandwiches.
  9. hunklemons answered: avocadooooooos eggs tomato lettuce cheese (amazing sandwiches). Also whats your raptr?
  10. zoruargh answered: Cheese :B
  11. a-woundwort answered: Bread, butter, some kind of sausage, eggs, noodles (for later), tomatos, apples, bananas, grapes, shocolade and peanuts.
  12. daftcherub answered: pasta, noodles
  13. elyshatheriddell answered: Fruits. I just like fruits haha. They’re snackable and healthy
  14. pyrotechnician answered: easy mac
  15. emuhleighx answered: Applesauce.
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