Ben Mauro - Zbrush for Concept Artists.

Concept designer and illustrator Ben Mauro has released Zbrush for Concept Artists Volume 1 a new tutorial with Concept Design Workshop.

In this lecture Ben will share with you how to take a sphere and sculpt a creature bust that will be used to define a unique character for a specific world, he will then demonstrate how to take that sculpted design into Photoshop to create a highly finished production painting. This tutorial is aimed at designers and illustrators who are interested in integrating digital sculpting into their workflow, Ben will explain and demonstrate things in a way that strips back many of the intimidating aspects of the software so you can focus on design instead of getting overwhelmed with the program or interface.

This should allow artists with a limited technical background to pick up the program easily and be well on their way to creating detailed conceptual designs for a demanding film production environment.

Topics that Ben discusses and demonstrates include: ZBrush overview, foundation digital sculpting tools and principles, design process, creature design, world building, problem solving, digital painting in Photoshop, material indication, color theory, and post processing effects. In this lecture you will have the unique opportunity to watch and listen to Ben discuss how he solves design problems to create realistic believable characters. Included with this download are PSD project files and ZBrush project files. You will need Photoshop and ZBrush to view the project files.


Sample Video

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