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Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The Seasons “Summer/Autumn/Winter/Spring” Key Art.

New Pokemon revealed for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y! A new Eevee evolution is discovered! Sylveon Announced!

The Pokemon Company International is announcing a new Pokemon that will appear for the first time in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y this October. The new Pokemon, Sylveon, is a new evolution of Eevee, one of the most beloved Pokemon since it was first discovered in Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. Players with Eevee can evolve it into one of seven evolutions, like Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon. Sylveon will be the eighth Eevee evolution.


Pokemon X and Y to be released October 2013 on Nintendo 3DS. The above are the three new starter Pokemon (and two new legendary pokemon)

Shin Megami Tensei IV.

Nintendo Announce Paper Mario: Sticker Star. 

Mario’s Super Sticker Collection

On the day of the annual Sticker Fest, Bowser decides to pull a prank and scatters six Royal Stickers across the land. To retrieve these mysterious, magical stickers, which are now stuck onto Bowser and his underlings, Mario sets off on an adventure with Kersti, a sticker fairy, visiting prairies, deserts, forests, snowy mountains and volcanoes around the world.


Stickers are blended into every aspect of game play. They become your arsenal of items and attacks in traditional Paper Mario action-battles and can even unfold the environment to reveal new areas and ways to progress through the game.

Collect stickers by peeling them off their environment, buying them in shops, or even making your own, and store them in your notebook for later use.

"Paper"-ize the world by flattening it out and then use your stickers to find secret areas and hidden items just about anywhere in the game.

The papercraft setting of the game is really emphasized in 3D, giving you the feeling of peering into and exploring a world comprised of shoebox dioramas.

A cast of colorful characters will keep players laughing at every turn.


Luigi’s Mansion 2.

My most anticipated game of E3.

Mario Tennis Open. The Tennis Ball.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Sora.

Kid Icarus: Uprising.