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Bioshock Infinite.

In-Engine Video Game Photography by Dead End Thrills.

Bioshock Infinite. “Town Square” process and concept art by Shaddy Safadi.

Bioshock Infinite.

Songbird Plushie now available for pre-order form Irrational Games Store!

Sitting at 7” tall, Songbird has an outstretched wingspan of 14” from tip to tip, and allows you to protect everything from a shelf of books, a BioShock Infinite box, or even your very own tiny Columbian citizen from a perch above. This was concepted by Senior Character Concept Artist, Robb Waters. This Songbird is made from materials that were hand-selected to evoke the era-appropriate textures and fabric.

Find full details on how to pre-order your very own plushie HERE.

Bioshock Infinite.
The First Lady Airship + Columbian Airship; Designs by Ben Lo.

Bioshock Infinite.

“God Only Knows”
Performed by Columbia and Albert Fink’s The “Bee” Sharps.
(Music and Lyrics originally Performed by The Beach Boys)

Bioshock Infinite. The Early Manifestation of Vigor Theory.

An early concept in The Art of BioShock Infinite shows small modules attached to the player’s hands which were used to inject the fluids of the various Vigors into the user when casting them. One appears to have a hummingbird dipping into a small vessel containing the Vigor. Another shows a mosquito-like construct injecting it into the user.

Bioshock Infinite.

Inspiring Concept Art by Ben Lo.

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Bioshock Infinite.

Finkton Environment Concepts
by Ben Lo.
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The Lutece Theorum.

An Exploration of narrative, space, time and everything;
Rosalind and Robert Lutece.
By Michael Berto.

Heavy spoilers for the game Bioshock Infinite may follow.

The article is quite lengthy, so approach with an open mind. 

"The mind of the subject will desperately struggle to
create memories where none exist…”

Rosalind Lutece,
Barriers to Trans-Dimensional Travel,

Would you kindly read some more?

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