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The Concept Art of Mike Hernandez.

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The Inspired Creature Design of the cancelled “Project Copernicus”

Concept Art by Nicholas Kole.

The Artwork of Paul Chadeisson.

The artwork of Simon Goinard.

Heavy Rain. Concept art by François Baranger.

The Artwork of Simon Goinard.

Simon Goinard is a freelance concept and production illustrator located in New York City, New York. His list of clients include Disney, Applibot Inc., Nexus Productions, ArenaNet/NCsoft and Aston Martin.


Rayman Origins.

Ambiances and Illustrations by Floraine Marchix.

By Gerhard Mozsi.

Gerhard Mozsi is a concept artist and matte painter who has been involved the VFX industry for the last 6 years. He has worked in visual development for both games and film and is currently working as a concept artist in Sydney, Australia.