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DOTA 2 Invites AHOY!

So, Valve are cool. Dota 2 is cool. And you’re probably cool too. You should play some Dota 2!!!

“Oh,” You might exclaim, “but, but, saveroomminibar, I don’t have a Dota 2 invite! How can I play Dota 2 if I don’t even own Dota 2?”

“Well,” I’ll say. “I have a handful of Dota 2 invites with YOUR NAME ON IT. Let’s go about handing them out like some late-for-work Santa Claus!”

It would be nice to give the invites to the people who really want to play Valve’s new masterpiece. If you’re just kinda interested, like the post, if you’re like “OMG I WANT DOTA 2 FFS OMG PLS” then just comment on the post, or send me an ask, and I’ll see what I can do for you. I have 5 Dota 2 Invites to spread around, so don’t worry too much about missing out if you’re super looking forward to playing…

So then, Dota 2, anyone?

If you like what we do here at the saveroomminibar, please read on!

So some of you may have heard rumours of another definitive saveroomminibar quiz emerging from the nether.  THE RUMOURS ARE TRUE.

But before we go live with the quiz, I just need to discuss a few things to make this THE BEST SAVEROOMMINIBAR QUIZ EVER CAPS!

But about the prizes,
some of you may also have noticed a new link in the ‘links’ section of our side bar, labelled "Kindly help support the save room."
Clicking the link will lead you to a fairly plain page with three ads on it, with a small message from me. With the help of google adsense, we decided to put our ads on a separate page, rather than on the main page and ruin the beautiful arts.

Now, what we’d like to do, is have more prizes and ultimately, more quizzes and fun stuff for all y’all. To ensure the continuity of such quality entertainment, I would encourage to follow the “help have room mini bar” link and then proceed to click each of the adds, as many times as you like. It will cost you NOTHING but will add a few coins into the virtual piggy bank. A piggy bank that will ultimately go to bringing you more cool PRIZES.

Prizes like, custom badges, steam games, food stuffs, artworks and more! Not only this, but so that the competitions can be opened to all of you, worldwide, without costing you a massive amount for prize postage!

So far, for the current quiz, we even have a few more prizes (not shown) already lined up, or which we would like to include, including some artwork and perhaps custom artwork from a good kind and talented tumblr artist, a Zelda: Phantom Hourglass poster and a bunch of pokemon cards and even some steam games already lined up.

But, to make sure the new prize give away opportunities, or quizzes and stuff to you and me, can be THE BEST EVER. We only ask one thing. Follow this link, and click on the ads, maybe you’ll find something you really like! Maybe you’ll just immediate return to your blog. In any case, what you’re doing is helping me help you. The more money we raise, the better the spoils will be! Remember, you don’t have to shell out anything but a few clicks on the following links!

So far, pictured above, are the current prizes for the quiz. The winner is the first person to reach 100% correct answers on the nine questions. ONLY NINE QUESTIONS? Yes, but, like previous quizzes, they aren’t your run of the mill gamer questions. They will vary from kind of obscure to DAYM.

Thanks for your time,
and in the time you have waiting for the quiz to go live, you can try your luck at our last quiz; QUIZ the Third; Return of the Quiz! Which still, since it’s inception in 2011, has not heralded a victor. That victor could be you!

So pass this hype post around and, again, help me help you. WITH PRIZES (and other cool shit)