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Deadpool: The Video Game. Concept Environments.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. Announced!

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. Announced!

Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth. Game Cover mock-ups by Sharkbomb on DeviantArt.

Deadpool: The Game. Official Concept Art.


This might be one of the best, and most logical, Iron Man mods I’ve seen in a while.

Artist Seán Walsh has taken one of the most loved games and teamed it up with one of our favorite Avengers. It’s Portal Iron Man to the rescue!

One would think that this suit looks close to a War Machine armor, but something is telling me there’s no man inside this armor. Perhaps GLaDOS is controlling this suit? If so, we might be in trouble. 

As I sit here and stare at this piece of art, something makes me want to actually see a crossover of this in a movie. Yea, I know it wouldn’t happen. But a man can dream can’t he?

Deadpool: The Game.

Watch the Trailer.

Little Big Planet. Marvel Sackboy Costumes.

So guys, I just finished reading The Long Halloween graphic novel and the Hush run of the Batman comics, and man were they amazegood or even goodzing. I’m kinda on a comic kick at the moment, loving the ipad’s comic apps, so I was wonderin’ if any one can suggest some good books for reading?

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Marvel Heros (Free-to-Play MMO)

From the official website:
Marvel has teamed up with Gazillion and Secret Identity Studios to take the MMO category to a completely new level of excitement and engagement, as Marvel Heroes combines action role-playing games with the MMO genre.

Debut Trailer.